MECHANICAL RATIONALE: Linkage between the body and water sport apparatus is a critical component of performance and safety. Water significantly lowers the coefficient of friction between the skin and smooth contact areas on paddles and surf decks. In paddle sports, control of the paddle is often compromised as muscles fatigue and grip pressure decreases. In SURF and SUP, water & multi-directional forces conspire to displace feet from decks. 


Water sport waxes have long been used to improve linkage. Most are petrolium/oil-based by-products that simply shed water. Element Expeditions Grip is unique: in addition to effectively displacing water & sweat, it also significantly increases adhesion to the apparatus. Water displacement and increased coefficient of friction permits lower grip pressure to combat fatigue, reduce paddle shaft rotation and longitudinal hand displacement. In Surf & SUP, GRIP WAX resists the multi-directional forces present between feet and surf decks.

By improving grip and reducing fatigue Element Expeditions' GRIP formulas improve linkage with the apparatus, improving both performance and safety.

SKIN PROTECTION: As skin becomes macerated/swollen with water, it is more suceptable to friction injury including blisters and heavy callousing. Our 100% natural, skin friendly formulas absorb shear forces and creates a hydro-phobic barrier which reduces skin maceration and associated injuries; especially useful for extended paddling or the prolific paddler.